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I'm Cobehn. 19 yo.
They/them/their pronouns.
Anonymous asked : honestly, i identify as bisexual, but sometimes i think maybe pan would suit me better because there's a lot i don't get. Like, people have such different ideas about what it means to them, it's hard to know that another bi person means the same things as you even if you share a sexuality. I guess what I'm trying to say is don't worry about it too much, it happens~~

as far as I’ve read, bisexuality is defined as being attracted to two genders: the same gender as yourself and another. so if you’re a bisexual boy you’d like boys/girls or boys/nonbinary or something along those lines

that way we can define bisexual in a way that isn’t cissexist/whatever

but i mean like 99.9% of people revolve around the gender binary, so like 99.9% of bisexual people you meet are going to be attracted to their own gender and then the opposite because that’s all they know

what i meant though is that i see people comparing bisexual people’s struggles to that of gay/lesbian and trans people’s struggles and first of all why? second of all, even if each letter in LGBTQIA+ does have SOME similar hardships, they all are completely different with different and varying degrees of issues so like, back to point one, why are people comparing bisexuality to homosexuality and trans issues in the first place? idgi

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Azealia Banks | Heavy Metal & Reflective (Preview Acapella).

The song will be released on 29th July.

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Willow Smith 
Whip My Hair

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US flags mysteriously replaced by white flags on Brooklyn Bridge
Gothamist: The American flags that normally grace the top of New York City’s iconic Brooklyn Bridge were mysteriously replaced with white flags Tuesday morning. 
Police are investigating.
(Photo: Rick Bruner/Gothamist)


im not boyish enough to be a boy and im not pretty enough to be a girl im just some sort of weird creature in the middle like a snail

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Please listen to this entire album it will inspire and destroy you

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